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G’day and welcome to the Alfology2 Podcast (and general other creative outlet website) by Alfie.

The podcast is not about anything in particular but is designed to be off-beat and at least a little bit entertaining. The general idea is to cover bizarre and unique(ish) ideas not heard by listeners before. It slots into the comedy category but maybe it’s not a perfect fit in any classification. Give it a listen through any of the links below. You can also access the individual episodes through the Podcast Episodes section of this site. If you like it please do subscribe and give feedback. If you don’t like it… I’d rather not hear from you tbh

I’m always interested in hearing or talking about the podcast, so do get in touch! The latest episode is available via most major podcast providers (some are linked below).




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From time to time, I also right some other random articles about stuff I’m thinking about, which you can get here. In addition, there are some sporadic short stories written by yours truly, which can be found here.