Pandas Deserve To Be Extinct

Check out the mini-podcast on the topic here

The Unfortunate Truth About Pandas – Alfology2 Podcast – Episode 3

Ignore what you have heard in the media. Pandas can fuck off.

They do not even want to live. Their lack willingness to get it on with each other shows that they want to die out ASAP.

Pandas used to eat meat but, out of pure laziness, stopped eating it.  They now eat bamboo (because it’s easy to catch), which has little nutritional value for them. As a result, they have to eat ALL FUCKING DAY to survive. They cannot hibernate because of their dumb and stubborn vegan diet which fucks with the natural life cycle of being a bear.

They are black and white. Maybe they would not suck at hunting so much if they didn’t evolve as black and white bears in a green forest. Speaking of the fact that they are black and white, it looks fucking ridiculous. How did they manage to evolve to look so stupid?

So much money goes to waste saving Pandas because people think they are cute. If that money was spent on species who do not contribute to their own extinction, maybe the general state of global wildlife would be better. To sum up, pandas are expensive, lazy, impotent fucks who maintain a harmful diet and look dumb. Darwinism must be allowed to apply here.

Fuck Pandas.


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