C You Later Letter C

The letter C is needless. The comparatively recent introduction of the K has rendered it obsolete. Any English word containing a C, could have its job done by a K or an S. This only leads to confusion on a daily basis all over the English-speaking world. It makes our language harder to learn and words harder to spell. Of course, its not as ridiculously stupid as having gendered nouns like the French do but that’s a topic for a different time. There is no rational argument for keeping C. People who hate change should not be holding our civilization back with their trivial nonsense. It is accepted by the writer that other languages have better uses for the letter and, it has been decided, that they can keep the letter going forward.

The options post-C-removal are as follows. We keep C in the alphabet and rename it under a different sound. At the moment, we need two letters to great the th/sh/ch sounds. If necessary, C could be retained but redeployed as one of these sounds. Alternatively, we could go into a bold new era with a 25 letter alphabet. A, B, D, E, F, G etc.

The western English speaking world is so often held back by traditions and old stuff. We need to launch ourselves into a brave new world, starting with the extermination of the unnecessary. The letter C is just the beginning.


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