Communism & Christianity.  Are they the same thing? Yes.

Pretty much, yes. Thanks for reading.

Just kidding, but not really. They are basically the same thing. Obviously there are major differences in belief systems and methods of practice but, it is believed by the writer that the thought process is the same behind both. Science, religion and philosophy often have the same goal. Find out the answers to life and solve the issues which are presented by it. Communism and Christianity both seem to do this in the same way.

You do not need a degree in theology to know that Christianity hinges upon an omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient god. The omnipotent god is all powerful. He cannot be contested by any action of one individual or group. The omniscient god is all knowing. Nothing can be done without his knowledge. An individual or group cannot hope to reach his level of knowledge. The omnipresent is all-present. He is always there, wherever you are and there is no escaping that fact.

Communism suggests that we should live in a moneyless, stateless, classless society. Some of these ideas are mirrored in religion but really this is idea pretty unique to communism. Now, as lovely and utopian as that sounds, most people can see that this is unachievable. Nearly all communists can also see this and all communists who have ever made it to power have also conceded this. Communism eventually must, and nearly always does concede, that a state is necessary to achieve its aims. This is how Mao, Stalin, Lenin et al managed to create their regimes, through the power of the state. The idea is that the state is owned, run and controlled by the worker, the proletariat. The individuals within the state, from those in power, to the factory worker, are equally important but none are more important that the state itself. The interests of the state cannot be contested by them. As a result, the state is all powerful. It can destroy the ideas and actions of any group or individual because of this power, it is omnipotent. Because there are supposed to be no private interests in communism, all information must be available to the state to continue the struggle for the greater good. Any knowledge held by the individual or group must be relinquished. So, in any successful society, the state must be all-knowing, omniscient. Finally, in order to remain omniscient and omnipotent, the state must make itself omnipresent. Communism cannot achieve its goal without the state taking control of everything. Having entities which live outside its system means that communism will fail, so it makes itself present in all areas and crushes any where it is not.

To create a society that communists believe in, they need the state to be the god that Christians hold onto. Christians, when they tell you of god’s greatness, they are just holding onto the same ideas which communism hopes to achieve. It is a different question whether the state or god are all good in addition to being all powerful, present and knowing. It is also a different question as to whether this would be possible. However, it is hardly deniable that both try to achieve their explanation as to how things work in the same way.  It is brilliant that this whole debate has been summed up in one page of poorly research ramblings and now no one needs to talk about the ideas of communism and religion ever again.


One thought on “Communism & Christianity.  Are they the same thing? Yes.

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